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 Gateway PSP Update 2

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PostSubject: Gateway PSP Update 2   Wed Mar 10, 2010 5:44 pm

This isn't a very large update but it does show we have full portal support now! We do not have a coder we simply used the OPEN SOURCE Quake Portal Gun as almost a place holder. This is not permanent and needs MANY tweaks.

A better update is that all our maps are going to be remade. I went through and alot of the maps used too much memory for things that could easily be improved. This is great news because our maps will be much cleaner now and use less memory! As a result it means higher framerates!

Here is our new eboot. It's short, sweet, but looks very nice in your PSP.

And here is a video of the portal gun in game. This is NOT our model. Our model was made for Kurok so it looks completely weird in Quake. Hopefully we can find a modeler to fix this problem OR maybe even work out a deal with our old modeler (who left us) to fix this problems. By the way, this is a temporary map. To be honest, our old maps lagged with the portals, that's how bad they were. Don't worry the new maps will not lag one bit!

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Gateway PSP Update 2
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